Just a bit more of our future dialogue

You Who do you want to be if not creative?

Me Oceanologist. Plan B: President of the world, though that is like being creative as well.
Birthday organizer or truffle hunter.

You Why did you leave your career where you could taste German wine the whole day?

Me I overtasted it (hope that wouldn’t sound like a bit of an alcoholic person, but I needed to show that I have a bit of humor).

You Why do you think we need to hire you?

Me Where else would you find three different creatives in one?

You Why do you rewatch favorite films like 5-10 times?

Me When in million years they decide to refilm it, I would be able to cast for any role since I would remember every word by heart.

You Do you feel cold if you are from Russia?
(crickets chirping)

Me Yes, and I am currently wearing 4 layers of clothes.

You Are you fine with the fact that people cannot pronounce your name correctly?

Me We are fine now. It was just the trigger of my multiple personalities coming to life.

You Why do you have so many wake-up calls?

Me So that people around me can wake up and wake me up.